1. Still here, still alive: Thank You Coffee

    2021-11-22 22:04:47 UTC
    Still here, still alive: Thank You CoffeeMamiya Rb67 - Portra 400 Coffee shops are an integral part of LA culture and fill your Instagram feed with “but first, coffee” posts everyday. Since the pandemic, a lot of those coffee shops temporarily closed, and as shops were forced to accommodate the…

  2. Still here, still alive: Paper Please

    2021-11-22 17:22:12 UTC
    Still here, still alive: Paper please Mamiya Rb67 - Portra 400 Surviving the pandemic as a small business takes a village. It’s hard to watch to see new businesses that opened pre-pandemic survive the long months temporarily closing shop to prevent the spread of a virus. Maybe because of that,…

  3. Still here, still alive: Chunky Paper

    2021-11-16 21:58:17 UTC
    Still here, still alive: Chunky Paper  Mamiya RB 67 - Portra 400 Pop-up shops and events are rare during this pandemic, when most are spending their days at home trying to keep their loved ones safe. Through my weekly visits to Los Angeles’s Chinatown, friends in the community told me…

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