1. Still here, Still alive: Canada Camera

    2022-07-01 17:34:51 UTC
    Still here, Still Alive: Canada Camera Mamiya RB67 - Kodak 400TX + 2 It’s been almost more than a year since I started this project. I’ve photographed on various cameras from my ever-growing personal connection. It looks like I desperately need to pick up a new shelf pretty soon before…

  2. Still here, Still alive: Alexander Andronescu

    2022-06-22 17:01:18 UTC
    Still here, still alive: Alexander Andronescu (@alexander_the_tailor) Hasselblad 500C - Kodak 400TX + 1 Differentiating personal passion and craft from work in the office isn’t usually something we were taught in school, especially when both are tied together. The joy we get from creating personal work fuels our passion, but…

  3. Still here, Still alive: Moonies Bakery Club

    2022-05-17 00:47:03 UTC
    Still Here, Still Alive: Moonies Bakery Club ( Yashica T4 – Kodak Ultramax 400 If there is any lesson that I took away from the pandemic, it is that self-care is a critical process in maintaining our mental health. It isn’t always a thought that comes to mind when we…

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