1. Still here, Still alive: Hightide Store LA

    2023-03-31 20:18:49 UTC
    Have you ever wondered how some people withstand the amount of pressure operating a business? Working through the long hours and staying on top of little details that could slip by is no easy feat. How everyone handles burnout is different. Some have activities to alleviate the mental stress, others…

  2. Still here, Still alive: Bakers Bench

    2023-02-19 00:43:27 UTC
    Still here, Still alive: Bakers Bench Nikon F2 - Portra 800 Starting a restaurant business and maintaining it is not for the faint heart. There’s a lot that’s asked of you mentally and physically, especially when you’re running the ship alone. The long hours, anxiety, and immense pressure on the…

  3. Still here, Still alive: Little Match Studio

    2022-12-15 00:45:09 UTC
    Still here, Still Alive: Little Match Studio Nikon F2 - Fuji Pro400H There comes a point in time in our career when we reflect on the work that we’ve accomplished and ask ourselves if we are truly happy with where we are. It might not be surprising to discover that…

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