1. Still here, Still alive: Neo Happyland Inc

    2022-11-29 19:57:03 UTC
    Still here, still alive: Neo Happyland Inc Mamiya RB67 - Ilford Delta 3200 Sometimes it’s the little things that brings us a boost of serotonin; a distraction to take us away from what’s happening in our reality. Something that can shut out the negative thoughts and create a space for…

  2. Still here, Still alive: Out of Thin Air

    2022-09-08 18:17:00 UTC
    Still here, still alive: Out of Thin Air ( Leica M4 - Portra 400 + 2 It’s been nearly 2 years since this pandemic started, and a lot has changed since then. More people have transitioned and left their 9-5 to start their own business. Many others have learned to…

  3. Still here, Still alive: Linda Chung

    2022-07-29 19:04:11 UTC
    Still here, still alive: Linda Chung (@lindachungart) Olympus OM2n - Kodak Pro Image 100 + 2 It’s been 2 years since we started this pandemic. To say that life changed for everyone would be an understatement. We’re asked to work from home to curb the spread of COVID-19. For some…

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