1. Still here, Still alive: Marijuana Mooncakes

    17 May 2022
    Still Here, Still Alive: Marijuana Mooncakes (@marijuanamooncakes) Yashica T4 – Kodak Ultramax 400 If there is any lesson that I took away from the pandemic, it is that self-care is a critical process in maintaining our mental health. It isn’t always a thought that comes to mind when we experience…

  2. Still here, Still alive: Endorffeine

    06 May 2022
    Still here, still alive: Endorffeine (@endorffeine) Mamiya RB67 - Ilford Delta 3200 When I was younger I didn’t understand “burn-out” or “self-care.” They weren’t concepts I learned in school, and they weren’t things I was taught about or thought about growing up and I believe I’m not the only one.…

  3. Still here, Still alive: Chefbaobae

    16 Feb 2022
    Still here, still alive: Chefbaobae (@Chefbaobae) Mamiya RB67 - Portra 800 (Pushed +2) Some days it can be difficult to maintain our mental health throughout our adult life. Little wins that we achieve throughout the week may not feel like enough and it’s we might start to question the environment…

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