1. Still here, still alive: Chunky Paper

    16 Nov 2021
    Still here, still alive: Chunky Paper  Mamiya RB 67 - Portra 400 Pop-up shops and events are rare during this pandemic, when most are spending their days at home trying to keep their loved ones safe. Through my weekly visits to Los Angeles’Chinatown, friends in the community told me about…

  2. Still here, still alive: Gu Grocery

    15 Nov 2021
    Throughout this pandemic, my attention has been drawn to mom and pop shops that are struggling to survive. We tend to forget that there are individuals in these shops that rely completely on the shop’s success, and we often don’t know the extent of their pandemic struggles. Some may have…

  3. Still here, Still Alive Vol 1.

    15 Nov 2021
    During the pandemic I’ve been keeping things lowkey, and observed everything that has happened this past year. I’ve seen small shops and restaurants close and some who are still hanging there.I started a personal project, a photo essay called “still here, still alive” as part of my new years resolution…

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