1. Still here, still alive: WineStop

    22 Nov 2021
    Still here, still alive: Winestop Hasselblad 500c - Fuji Pro400hI want to introduce to you all to a shop that has a special place in my heart, Winestop. I was introduced to this shop by a friend a few years back for wine tasting and it has been another home…

  2. Still here, still alive: Thank You Coffee

    22 Nov 2021
    Still here, still alive: Thank You CoffeeMamiya Rb67 - Portra 400 Coffee shops are an integral part of LA culture and fill your Instagram feed with “but first, coffee” posts everyday. Since the pandemic, a lot of those coffee shops temporarily closed, and as shops were forced to accommodate the…

  3. Still here, still alive: Paper Please

    22 Nov 2021
    Still here, still alive: Paper please Mamiya Rb67 - Portra 400 Surviving the pandemic as a small business takes a village. It’s hard to watch to see new businesses that opened pre-pandemic survive the long months temporarily close shop to prevent the spread of a virus. Maybe because of that,…

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