1. Still here, Still alive: Bakers Bench

    19 Feb 2023
    Still here, Still alive: Bakers Bench Nikon F2 - Portra 800 Starting a restaurant business and maintaining it is not for the faint heart. There’s a lot that’s asked of you mentally and physically, especially when you’re running the ship alone. The long hours, anxiety, and immense pressure on the…

  2. Still here, Still alive: Little Match Studio

    15 Dec 2022
    Still here, Still Alive: Little Match Studio Nikon F2 - Fuji Pro400H There comes a point in time in our career when we reflect on the work that we’ve accomplished and ask ourselves if we are truly happy with where we are. It might not be surprising to discover that…

  3. Still here, Still alive: Neo Happyland Inc

    29 Nov 2022
    Still here, still alive: Neo Happyland Inc Mamiya RB67 - Ilford Delta 3200 Sometimes it’s the little things that brings us a boost of serotonin; a distraction to take us away from what’s happening in our reality. Something that can shut out the negative thoughts and create a space for…

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