A close friend asked me why I started this project. I want to tell her that I was inspired by each shop/restaurant owner I’ve recently met and the way individuals that come together to support each other. These people in my series have helped each other survive. They have made the pandemic a little more bearable with each other’s company. There’s only so much that I can do as an individual to support them financially during my Thursday trips to LA, so I wanted to support them by other means, doing what I do best: photography. I love photography, and I love shooting on film. I have an arsenal of cameras to use, and I plan on using them to document and tell their story. This is my passion project that I want to share with all of you. 

In the previous series we talked about survival during the pandemic and how community support was essential to surviving. I hope that these posts have helped and inspired others who were struggling during these hard times build a community within their respective regions. 
In this next part of the series, I want to talk about mental health in business, among restaurant/shop owners and freelancers. While we are aware of the importance of maintaining good mental health, we are often unaware what kind of burn out and mental health struggles these individuals and teams in the hospitality and retail experience. We don’t know how they cope through all the pressure they carry on their shoulders—a dangerous situation that can lead to a very unhealthy work environment. 

I want to talk to freelancers about the struggles they experience and what techniques they use to keep themselves going, even when work gets tough. Similarly for restaurants/shops, I want ask what they do to maintain a healthy work environment, and what makes their team feel fulfilled.

The pandemic has been hard. And as cheesy as it sounds, I want to share stories that will give you and many others hope. 

Welcome to Still here, still alive: Volume 2.

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